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Anthology World Contemporary Poets is a collection of contemporary poets of the world published by Prodigy Published, USA, and organized by Poetry and Literature World Vision. Poetry and Literature World Vision was created mainly...

  • Book Name: (Copy) World-Contemporary-Poets, Vol 1-Shikdar Mohammed Kibriah-Bangladesh
  • Author Name: Prodigy Published
  • Product Type: E-book
  • Item Publish Date: 2023 / 12 / 14
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    Anthology World Contemporary Poets is a collection of contemporary poets of the world published by Prodigy Published, USA, and organized by Poetry and Literature World Vision. Poetry and Literature World Vision was created mainly to promote poetry worldwide on December 4, 2020. At the beginning of our journey, we decided to feature the contemporary poets of the world on our group page and committed to publishing an anthology at a possible time, including the featured poets in volumes 1,2,3+ serially. We successfully featured 275 international poets in this massive program who are mainly reputed online and globally or internationally recognized, awarded or distinguished for their poetic creativity and remarkable contribution to promoting poetry. We can proudly mention that we gathered most of the leading, dominating and inspiring poets from around the globe in our program that was highly appreciated globally. This achievement motivated us to fulfil our commitment to publishing our anthology. In our initial volume, we assembled 162 poets and set them in Latin alphabetically to avoid debate about their poetic status or positional complexity. This anthology will massively introduce them to the poetry-lover world. And world poetry readers will be able to experience poetry's contemporary mood whenever it is willing to break modernism and welcome a new poetic movement called postmodernism. They will find a scope to identify how much traditionalism has been broken and how many traditions have been continued and discontinued, and how much progression has been somehow achieved. At least, could they break some of the traditions and set something new to come out of modernism and welcome postmodernism? Our careful readers should find out about it. World poetry readers will find in what way our contemporary poets are trying to overcome the crises caused by modernism and set a postmodern process in their poetic vision and mission and how they are trying to define poetry. Do they still think of it as an art of aesthetics devoid of spiritual, ethical and social values and how they depict the nature and scope of poetry? Is our contemporary poetry related to humanity, love and peace etc.? We obviously know that a poet is neither an angel nor a devil; he is a human being and he should have a liability to humanity and world peace. Our poetry readers will be able to explore and experience whether our contemporary poets are committed to these universal values in their creative poetry works or whether they are indifferent to them like that of how the modernists defined art, ignoring these values. They will also find what is the stand of contemporary poets against war, violence and aggression along with political unrest, the Covid pandemic situation and economic disasters around the world. How these issues have been portrayed in their poetry also can be found in this global anthology. We are pleased and proud to mention that most of the reputed poets from around the globe have been included in this anthology. But we think there are more. A significant number is still to be added. The remaining should be included in our upcoming I would like to express my gratitude to those published poets in this anthology who cordially collaborated with us, providing their submissions. Congratulations to all published poets! Additionally, I would like you all to be acknowledged that we formed a selection board, approval board and editorial board for publishing this anthology duly. All the honorable members of these boards sincerely cooperated with me, providing their valuable time and creative thoughts. Heartiest gratitude to all of them and very special thanks to our editorial secretary Maria Do Sameiro Barroso, together with other co-editors Ewith Bahar, Lidia Popa, Tejaswini Patil Dange, Marija Najthefer Popov and global ambassador Eva Lianou Petropoulou. My heartiest gratitude goes to our editorial advisor, Mr. Zlatan Demirovic, a world-renowned poet and poetic personality of the contemporary world who shouldered all responsibility for publishing this anthology from his publishing house, Prodigy Published, USA. and played a historical role in promoting poetry. May poetry unite the world with its spirit of love, peace and humanity.


    Shikdar Mohammed Kibriah


    Poetry Literature World Vision

    From the Editorial Desk


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